Experience a luxurious resort wedding at a blissful location surrounded by the coral reefs and blue waters of Miyakojima, brilliant white sand beaches, and tropical flowers.


Shigira Mirage Bayside Chapel is a full-sized chapel with a dedicated entrance with an interior design inspired by the blue waters of Miyakojima. Expanding in three directions from the large windows inside the chapel are the beautiful ocean and nature of Miyakojima. The light pouring in from the 11m ceilings shine brilliantly on the brightest moment of the bride and groom. Experience a luxury resort wedding in a blissful sound of singers and organ.

Head ot the chapel in a convertible car as you enjoy breeze and aromas of Miyakojima. The ceremony includes a water mixing ceremony involving the ocean and water, an experience to bring families closer together. Guests celebrate the new couple under a photogenic feather shower. Welcome important family and guests in a banquet hall attached to the terrace adjacent to the chapel. A luxurious full course featuring local island produce will create a memorable experience.

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Opening up to scenic views, the chapel is in an optimal location that opens to the vast, beautiful ocean. This chapel provides a unique wedding experience that fully incorporates the brilliant, beautiful blue ocean of Miyakojima. Kanade Chapel helps turn sound into the lasting memory of a promise. The sounds of celebration and the sounds of a beautiful promise delicately reverberate through the hall. Closest to the ocean, the Aoi Chapel offers a memorable wedding ceremony experience enveloped by the unique aroma of abika, which is similar to the aroma of the hibiscus.

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Allamanda Chapel is adjacent to the Shigira Bayside Suite Allamanda, a hotel featuring all suite rooms. The full chapel surrounded by a private garden on a hill overlooking the ocean and vast nature. A dramatic atmosphere for the important couple to walk down a green wedding road and a celebratory toast in a garden adorned with resort flowers. The chapel features a full wall made from beautiful stained glass using antique glass and the vivid vegetation of Miyakojima to create an atmosphere boasting tropical greenery and beautiful lighting.

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Supporting various parties and events, international conventions, meetings, and engagements to fit various event ocassions.
With up to four halls, this facility can accomodate a variety of layout and event needs. From formal events to casual buffet parties, we can provide a diverse range of plan options.
Please contact TEL (0980)74-7400 (Reservation start on July 20, 2019)

Hotel Shigira Mirage

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